Wrong Chase #1

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Occasionally at The Chase, we get sent some messages that we probably shouldn’t have. Fan mail, complaints or suggestions for the popular ITV game show of the same name somehow make their way to us by email and Twitter.

We’ve compiled a couple of our favourite bits of correspondence that gave us a chuckle. While we hope that everyone got any grievances sorted, we have very little control over what Bradley Walsh says and unfortunately, at this time we can’t act as a matchmaker between fans and contestants. All names and locations have been changed.

Good evening. I’m just trying to figure out if your able to give our contestants contact details, or if you could forward a number on for me please. Tonight on ITV4 @ 1930 Brendan was playing the cash builder and my lady said he was very smart and that they were both on the same wavelengths as they were giving the same answers and getting them correct.. I openly said, should I get his number for you and she replied with yes.. So doing my bit as a good boyfriend and trying to make her happy I’m looking for his number so I can put her in touch with him. Many thanks for your time and reading this. I await your response. Kind regards. Martin
STOP having these braindead, talentles twats on this show, it totally ruins it. regards B.Flint essex
Big fan of @_thechase_ but if @BradleyWalsh says “never heard of it” one more time I’m going to switch over to the snooker!
@_thechase_ Why does Bradly Walsh act like a twxt! He's over the top, time he gave up! He's not funny any more! He put on a false laugh,leaning his head on his hands! I'm thinking we've got to waitfor him to go through this charade, pretending hes having a laughing fit! Sad!
How do you sleep at night letting celebrities walk away with £80,000 for charity but when hard working intelligent people get high amount the chaser happens to catch them. How convenient. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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