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Welcome to the Elephant in the Room, The Chase Creative Consultant’s magazine. This is where we feature commentary on creative issues in general and The Chase in particular.

As a regular feature we invite leading figures from design and related areas to tell us about their own particular ‘elephant in the room’. Something that to them is annoyingly obvious but continues to be ignored.

But remember the elephant isn’t always apparent to all in the room so the attitudes and opinions here are not necessarily held by The Chase.

Since compiling this first edition the world has turned upside-down. Nothing in living memory has had such an impact, forcing us to quickly adapt to new ways of working. So, we’ve added a summary (Elephant in the (Spare) Room) of how some of our colleagues are learning to cope working remotely. Events have also given Bev Hutchinson’s article (Acts of Kindness) far more significance than could have ever been envisaged.


Issue 1

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