Life Through Lockdown

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Fellow designer and ex-Chaser Grant Mitchell at Future Design decided to both raise the spirits of those working from home and to raise cash for the NHS.

His idea was to set creatives the challenge of designing a poster that ‘visually records the thoughts, observations, stories and activities happening in homes across the UK during the coronavirus lockdown’.

They could focus on anything from DIY haircuts to the trials of home-schooling or simply just how we were all feeling. Limited edition posters featuring a section of designs were then made available to buy for £20 with all the proceeds going to the NHS. Two of our designers (thanks Gary and Richard) had a go, and to be fair, we’re quite pleased with the results:

Days Blending Together – by Gary Whitworth

During the middle of lockdown, it felt like every day was exactly the same. No more Friday feeling, no ‘manic’ Mondays – just a thick soup of colourful moments both good and bad. My submission was a typographic representation of all those days blending together into one.

Monotony – by Richard Scholey

Even though the lack of a commute is a godsend, and it’s been fun seeing our clients spare rooms / kids / cats / decor etc the repetition, loneliness and monotony of working from home does start to get to you eventually.

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