The FA Cup
Royal Mail

Marking the 150th anniversary of the first FA Cup Final, Royal Mail released a set of six stamps celebrating what makes the world’s oldest domestic football competition so special.

Each stamp showcases a different component of the competition, and in particular the Final, that together illustrate what makes the FA Cup so unique: the fans, the stadium, the day itself, shock results, Royal patronage and of course the match itself. By simply removing the white border from the bottom of the stamp each classic image is framed by its own set of goalposts.

Crammed full of records, stats and historical imagery, the retro programme-inspired presentation pack tells the story of the world’s oldest domestic football competition. Highlighting some iconic moments, it explores the early history of the competition including events such as the first final to be shown live on tv and the iconic white horse final up to more present day stories like Wigan Athletic’s unexpected victory against Manchester City in 2013.

In partnership with the National Football Museum, the minisheet looks at the ephemera that surrounds the cup. Supporters memorabilia, match-day items, souvenirs and even the original cup winners trophy ‘The Little Tin Idol’ are featured. Listed alongside the stamps are the results of every cup final since Wanderers started it all with a 1-0 victory over Royal Engineers back in 1872.