State Silence

Dr Danae Azaria at UCL asked The Chase to design, build and brand the online platform for the European Research Council project she won for the study of the impact of state silence in international law.

The (UN) goal linked to the State Silence ERC funded project is Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

The platform was to house the research papers and the work in general over at least a 5 year period and also to help Dr Azaria’s team manage the work, including literary and artistic collaborations.

The solution was to build the best UX for the research publications, events and collaborations.

The challenge was to convey legal information in a modern accessible way building a platform to encourage collaboration with the world outside.
We did this by introducing a little wit and humour to an otherwise serious and dry subject.

The project is very important for the world and needed more mass appeal. One of the 3 wise monkeys became the silent spokesperson for the project, highlighting the potential problems that are under examination in a simple, witty way.