#PeppaPower is the strength pre-schoolers get from their first best friend, Peppa. Learning how to be brave, making new friends and being kind to their new classmates. Teenagers had girl power, threenagers have Peppa power.

Threenagers have just learned to walk and are moving from their little family world into a larger pre school world with new friends to make. Peppa’s world is a mirror of family life, a situation comedy that’s fun, makes them laugh, and is reassuringly like their home life.

Peppa is their first best friend. She helps them make friends, learn to be brave and kind, but above all she gives kids confidence. What better way to celebrate #PeppaPower than to draw your first best friend and see your artwork in a National Outdoor Exhibition?

Our Peppa Powered art project started at Peppa Pig World. Children from the UK and all over the world joined in to draw and paint their own ‘Peppa by Me’.

Peppa Power Poster 1
Peppa Power Poster 2
Peppa Power Poster 3
Peppa Power Poster 4

Parents & Caregivers were able to see their kids Peppa Powered Portraits in public and experience the friendship first hand. The #PeppaPower posters ran nationwide and as well as Instagram ads and Pigcasso quizzes the press ran in Closer, Heat, Now and Hello magazines.

Peppa Power poster insitu
“We know kids love Peppa but what we want to do is to really showcase that power of Peppa to parents and we want to make sure that parents remind them of the values and attributes that Peppa brings to them.”

Becki Fleming SVP Brand Marketing
Family Brands EMEA & Asia at Hasbro-eOne