Finding the right balance

Over a 4 month period and shot at over 30 different locations in 5 countries, The Chase Films, wrote, edited, produced and filmed at customer farms and BASF sites around the world.

Agriculture is all about balance. Life is all about balance. The natural balance that powers the seasons, the soil, the climate and the crop cycles. The balance that is crucial for everyone’s existence. There has never been a more challenging time in agriculture. But there has also never been a time of greater opportunity. Balancing the need for increased productivity, environmental protection and value to society will be so important to overcoming the food challenges of the future.

The new BASF Agricultural Solutions image film “Finding the Right Balance for Success” picks up this theme and explores the meaning of balance for modern agriculture. It expresses our approach and our aspiration - because finding the right balance not only reflects the fundamental issues of our times but it is also critical for long-term success.