The Joy of Finding

FactFinder is Europe's leading product discovery platform. They needed a complete rebrand to reflect their maturity as a business and their pioneering position as the AI innovator in the field of search.

Utilising authentic intelligence, FactFinder aimed to provide a seamless and personalised shopping experience for its users. The rebranding process involved a comprehensive analysis of the company's target audience, market trends, and competition.

The new brand identity was designed to reflect FactFinder's innovative approach to product discovery and its commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable information to its users. The new logo and visual identity were created to be modern and bold, conveying a sense of trust and confidence.

As part of the rebranding effort, FactFinder also revamped its website, incorporating a sleek and user-friendly design that made it easier for customers to find and compare products. The platform's search capabilities were also improved, incorporating advanced filtering options and personalised recommendations.

“I am proud to introduce the new FactFinder which reflects the dynamic, forward-thinking nature of the company. It embodies our commitment to innovation and our passion for delivering the highest quality solutions and services to our customers. We are excited to bring authentic intelligence and personalised product discovery to commerce worldwide. Together with our partners, we are thrilled to drive another twenty years of success for you, our customers.”

Emile Bloemen
CEO of FactFinder