Coronation Street Stamps
Royal Mail

Although Coronation Street has become more gritty over the years, it is best known for its humour and the ever changing relationships of its much loved characters. Celebrating the 60th year of the soap we designed a set of eight stamps, as well as a time morphing miniature sheet, depicting the famous bar staff and the changing decor at the Rovers Return.

In the end the stamps became as much a research project as they were design. Having finally agreed on the scenes and the quotes that were best felt to reflect the nature of the characters’ relationships, it was all down to the detail. Unlike most stamp issues, which involve creating a similar colour cast over the set, we wanted to retain a sense of the TV picture quality of each era – from grainy black and white to crisp, modern-day HD.

Coronation Street Presentation Pack and Stamps
Coronation Street Presentation Pack
Coronation Street Minisheet

For the miniature sheet we worked with genius retouching expert, Steve Bland, to put together a painstaking recreation of the Rovers Return bar, showing successive bar staff, and evolving decor, morphing through the decades.

Coronation Street First day cover and inserts