Ident Animation
Brock Media

Brock Media are a production company who are passionate about storytelling. Working across film, television and audio, they believe in creative excellence and an ethos that the diversity of experience and perspective within the team is their biggest strength in supporting their collaborators to create their best and most ambitious work.

Already in possession of a strong, bold, black and white identity we were tasked with creating a short animated logo sting to be shown at the beginning of their feature films. Their logo incorporated a backwards chevron on the ‘K’ of Brock echoing the pattern found on the edge of black and white clapper boards, and it was this that formed the basis of our animation.

Our concept was to take the chevron and morph and multiply it to first create an abstract box which then opens to reveal a series of exploding patterns echoing the creative energy contained within the company. Simple, and thankfully, much appreciated by the team…

“It was a real pleasure working with the team on our animated logo. I was blown away by their creativity and enthusiasm and I love the results.”

Sarah Brocklehurst
CEO | Brock Media