A brief history of...

Owning the Golden Hour.

In 2019 when TIME Investments wanted to develop their brand in line with their business success we worked with them to establish just what it is was that made them special.

Apart from being one of the UK’s best loved investment companies for their familial culture, customer service and trustworthiness (and a smashing set of people), it was hard to put our finger on one single-minded thought to capture the whole TIME experience.

In the end the most powerful statement would not be about TIME per se, but about the feeling that their customers gained from them during some of life’s most important decisions.

The best branding works from the inside, out – and in defining through research what their customers loved about them, we settled on a beautiful primal expression. That golden hour moment. That moment when all’s well with the world.

We created their new ‘sundial’ logotype and set about branding all communications from the brochures through to the web platform.

The story of TIME is now poised to go from strength to strength with a clear, focused direction, and we’ll be reporting the numbers as they come in.

At TIME Investments we have created a platform for predictability and stability to help our clients rest easy. We provide carefully considered investments that seek to deliver predictable returns in an unpredictable world. We believe that caution is wise and that patience builds the best, most reliable products.

The Chase branded and redesigned the website for TIME to service their business-to-business needs and at the same time provide a customer facing reference point to help financial advisers with their customers.


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In the end it’s all about people and the time to make the best decisions in life.