Dipping into our portfolio, we attempt to explain how a creative consultancy thinks it thinks.

In both creating or enhancing brands, what is clear is that the idea is the thing, and the relevance of it is as important as the originality.

Also noticeable is that the creative boundaries now being dismantled by technology never really existed for The Chase.

Recent work


    Now, in the social age where the customer controls media and defines brands, everyone is competing for time in their lives. There’s never been a greater need for creative ideas that can turn heads and capture the imagination. Areas that our work has never been seen to be lacking in.

    And, in order to define and reach the right audiences, we’ve added to our team campaign specialists from the area formerly known as advertising and removed their shackles. Idea everything, media anything.

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                Brands have never been confined to two dimensions so it seemed logical to add architecture to our services. Led by two architects who spent over a decade holding senior roles at Conran their creative approach sits comfortably with our own.
                We are now able to offer our clients a wide multi- disciplinary experience.

                Like film, it’s also offered as a service in its own right. Here are some examples.

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                      Every piece of work in this website has been designed. A common description of the most successful creative work is that of a brilliant idea, beautifully crafted.

                      So, in our terms, design is usually confined to the second stage of the process that enhances the concept. At its best it looks effortless. Often unnoticeable, it simply gives the impression of order, consistency and style. There are, however, occasions when it breaks rank and takes on the lead role – it becomes the concept.

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                                    Our digital team hark back from the beginning of digital time, when the discipline was called ‘interactive’ and the world wide web was the new world. Today any project can be called digital, digital media is the new normal, and we focus our minds on digital transformation for businesses encompassing App, Platform, AI, AR, VR, 3D video and any other existing or emerging interactive technology that can help our clients make their reach and engagement better, more helpful and more useful to their audience. Then we coin an acronym.

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                                        Several years ago it became obvious that film was becoming increasingly important to brands, so much so we set up our own unit.

                                        Not just any, but an Oscar nominated one that recently launched its first feature (no point doing things by halves). Although firmly integrated in our branding work we also offer it as a stand alone service.

                                        Here we’ve picked out a cross section of its work.

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