Thomas McNaught

I'm an award-winning filmmaker from Liverpool, who first had the pleasure of working with Mark, Alex, and Baldwin on a shoot for MobileForceField back in April, 2014.

I was enrolled in college at the time, but my experience on set with a professional team provided insight into the poor quality of my education. As a result, I abandoned my academy in favour of freelancing. Shortly after, Baldwin contacted me with the opportunity of producing bonus features for the DVD release of The Voorman Problem.

Since then, my assignments at The Chase Films have grown significantly along with my skillset; I have performed roles in several departments — including cinematography, editing, colour grading, and motion graphics — for a variety of content, from television commercials to branded and narrative film.

The team are incredibly supportive of my ambitions within the film industry, and encourage me to pursue my passion for cinematography outside of The Chase Films, which primarily consists of undertaking short film projects as the director of photography.

I'm actively petitioning for office dogs, housing a mix of breeds for staff members to cuddle with.