Philip Thornton
Architect & Director of Chase Architecture

Philip is a design orientated architect with many years of experience across a broad range of public and private projects. Before setting up The Chase Architecture, Philip worked as an architect with Eisenman, Marks and Barfield and Alsop, among others. He was one of the lead designers at Conran + Partners, where he worked for 16 years on internationally recognised projects in the UK and around the world.

While at Conran, Philip was the project architect for the design of twin 40 storey residential apartment towers for the Mori corporation in Roppongi, Tokyo. He has designed a unique shopping centre on Athens’ Pireos Street in 2008 with a fully retractable roof over a 60m span atrium for Athens based developer, Pasal. One of his favourite designs is for the visitor landing facilities at Greenwich, completed in time for the 2012 Olympics.

Philip is a collaborator. He works with his clients to bring out the best in any project. He brings a practical point of view to design and sees the design from the users point of view, optimising space and layout to help his clients achieve their dreams for the project.