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The Voorman Problem
Honlodge Productions

E Elias Merhige's favourite Chase film.

I really enjoyed the discipline with which a very complex idea and story was told simply and with a great deal of seriousness and humour.

It is a film that makes you think about how much we do not actually know about the world outside our mind, in that once you chip away at the big pieces and look at time and the interior life of the mind more closely, anything becomes possible and madness suddenly is closer than you ever imagined.

It is well-directed and well-cast and the locations were excellent. The opening with the long high brick wall of the prison seemed like some monstrous cathedral—a church of some kind, yet entirely foreboding and imposingly sinister. I like the extraordinary elements of Mr Gill’s storytelling with its original take on theology and its humorous relation to madness, which he allows to slowly blossom out from deep within the narrative of the ordinary realms of a prison, a psychiatrist and a patient.

God as mental patient. Makes perfect sense.

E Elias Merhige
Film Director
Los Angeles