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Michael Beirut's favourite Chase poster.

Posters are reductive by nature, relying on telegraphic immediacy to put a point across. But simple needn’t mean simplistic. The best posters manage to invest the communicative process with wit and depth, creating meaning through concise means.

This 2001 poster for an early computer dating service dramatises, by juxtaposing two images, the oft-reported (and no doubt apocryphal) statistic that men think about sex once every seven seconds, or 8,000 times a day. The fine art provenance of the sculptures pictured both, in a nice piece of coincidence, from the hand of Auguste Rodin, reminds us of the universality of the quest for romantic love, and adds a touch of class to what was then the faintly disreputable world of online romance.

And, of course, it passes the ultimate test of great design: no headline necessary.

Michael Beirut
Pentagram, New York