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Christmas Card
The Chase

Tony Davidson's favourite piece of Chase direct mail.

Just how many Christmas cards do you receive each year that have had little or no effort put into the design? Well this was certainly not the case here.

Ten green two pence stamps and one brown five pence stamp form the shape of a Christmas tree. Together they add up to the cost of a then first class stamp. It was posted as a flat postcard with a score down the middle so that on receiving it you fold it to make your card with the stamps forming the illustration on the front.

Only one thing missing: the postage mark. They could have left that to the post office to slap on anywhere. But that would’ve been too easy and a missed opportunity. Why not get them to stamp them three times in the right place so they look like baubles on the tree?

As Mies van der Rohe said: “God is in the details.”

Tony Davidson
Executive Creative Director
Wieden+Kennedy, London