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Almost Extinct

Nils Leonard's favourite Chase calendar.

One of the best ideas I’ve ever seen was a clock placed underneath a sign for a funeral parlour. The most precious human element is time, and its passing is the hardest thing in the world to ignore, the clock against the sign placed our slow-walking, top-hat-wearing friends somewhere deep in my mind.

Like the perfectly placed clock, the humble calendar can be more than just a reminder of our everyday tasks, it can provoke. At its best though, it can become an alarm call for us to achieve and to accomplish.

The Almost Extinct calendar is a daily poke in the ribs, beautifully crafted in black, white and red. The gentle morning before the St Patrick’s Day lunch you’d written in weeks ago, quietly hijacked by a menagerie of the endangered.

Putting the calendar’s noble mission aside for one second, it is always the smallest things that really create the tingle. Four little holes and some red string to help you hang it. Four little holes and some red string to remind you for 365 days to do what you can for a purpose bigger than yourself.

Nils Leonard
Uncommon, London