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Elephant in
the Room

Welcome to the Elephant in the Room, the blog of The Chase Creative Consultants. This is where we feature commentary on creative issues in general and The Chase in particular. As a regular feature we invite leading figures from design and related areas to tell us about their own particular ‘elephant in the room’.

Something that to them is annoyingly obvious but continues to be ignored. Subjects that could start off a debate or simply be an opportunity for a good rant. Either way, we hope you find it stimulating, entertaining and thought-provoking.

But remember the elephant isn't always obvious to all in the room so the attitudes and opinions here are not necessarily held by The Chase.


The Positive House featured on More 4’s Impossible Builds

Can a home for a car collection positively reverse climate change?

When we were approached to build a dream garage for a Mercedes Benz car collection, on the site of an old coal stockyard in Woking, the first thought was how bad the combination of old coal and cars were for our carbon footprint.

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How big is small? Andy Bainbridge

Observations on the students’ grasp of spacial awareness.

Size, shape, volume, weight, balance, scale, perspective, scope, composition and aesthetics, are fundamentals to every design discipline and are an ongoing voyage of development for all. Even the most experienced designer or artist is constantly in a state of re-evaluation when it comes to the above.

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Putting on my hat as co-founder of The Chase, I’ve witnessed at first hand the growth of the creative industries in this country, which I’m told currently contribute £92b to the UK economy and is still growing at twice the rate of the rest of the economy…

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CREATIVITY UNDER THREAT? They’ve all got it in for me. Christopher Wylie is a data scientist. He’s also the millennials’ whistleblower. But if I say ‘Cambridge Analytica’ you’ll suddenly know who he is. Brand Fame? Actually, it’s brand infamy. And Christopher thinks Facebook has got it in for me, and you. And all of us..

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